Angelina Bodine began her career journey as a Preschool Teacher back in 1993. After 15 years,  she switched her career to Nursing , but 5 years in she became “disabled” due to a brain and vestibular disorder. She went from living an active lifestyle, playing adult sports and working out, to completely sedentary with limited balance and coordination. For 8 months she was in pain,  depressed,  and gaining weight at an exponential rate.

At 231 pounds she was the unhealthiest she’d ever been. Her purpose in life and passion was to always help others and this passion was gone. She realized she needed to change,  to push herself, to make herself uncomfortable so that she could regain her health. Nobody could do it but her and she did one step at a time.

Her mind and body are healthier now than they’ve ever been. It’s a daily challenge,  but it’s worth it! Her goal is to help others to believe in themselves and become their healthiest so they can live their purpose! You are worth it!


APB Total Body was established in June 2013. Angelina Bodine began by traveling to clients for home visits in the Inland Empire and surrounding Southern CA areas and provided virtual training via telephone and email. A corporate office was opened in Riverside, CA in August 2016. The corporate office was moved to a new location in Redlands, CA in March 2017 and includes a complete health studio.


Our Mission

Our mission is to strive to inform the public on important ways to achieve and maintain total body health through reinventing lifestyle habits.